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Creating Your Web Page:

  1. SSH into junkfood: ssh

  2. Change to your web directory: cd /fs/wwwusers/$USER

  3. Change permissions of your web directory to be accessible by the world: chmod 755 . (that is 755 space dot)

  4. Check your web directory permissions: ls -ld should display drwxr-xr-x.

  5. Create a file named index.html with the content that you would like to have displayed on your home page.

  6. Once you have saved index.html, make sure it has the proper permissions: chmod 644 index.html
    This creates a file with permissions -rw-r--r--

  7. If you copy files into /wwwusers/$USER, remember to make all of these files readable to everyone.

Note that these webpages are for static content only. PHP and other sorts of scripts will not work. If you need a website for a project, we may be able to host your webpage on another server, but not on our main web server.