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Set pine/alpine to use IMAP

Set IMAP as mailbox source

These instructions assume you have already been using pine/alpine and have a .pinerc file.

  1. In your editor of choice, open your .pinerc file.
  2. There are two places you will need to change to point to IMAP. Replace __USERNAME__ with your userename.
  3. Find the line inbox-path= and change it to: inbox-path={}inbox
  4. Find the line folder-collections= and change it to: folder-collections=IMAP {}[]

Set pine not to require a password

You can set pine to remeber your IMAP password. The easiest way to do this is to add an alias in your .bashrc and/or other startup files.

  1. Create the password file and do NOT write your password in the file: touch ~/.pine.pwd
  2. Change the permissions so that only you will have access: chmod go-rw ~/.pine.pwd
  3. Set the alias: alias pine='alpine -passfile ~/.pine.pwd'