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Horvitz Research Cluster

About The Horvitz Research Cluster

Located in the AV Williams datacenter, the Horvitz Research Cluster consists of five computing nodes, two storage nodes providing 14.4 terabytes of disk storage and a 10Gb Ethernet switch. The cluster is intended to provide a high-availability virtualization environment to serve the needs of undergraduate honors students, independent graduate student researchers, and faculty.

The cluster’s purchase was made possible through the generosity of alumnus Phil Horvitz (B.S. ‘75) and student tech fees.

photo of Horvitz cluster another photo of Horvitz cluster

Requesting a VM

Default VM settings:

OS: RHEL 8 or Ubuntu 20.04
CPU: 2
Disk: 40 GB
Network: Assigned based on intended usage

To request a virtual machine in the Horvitz Research Cluster, send an email to helpdesk[at] with your configuration requirements.

Web VM Manager

The Virtualization Manager allows you to power your VM off/on via the web at You can log in by clicking the “User Portal” and entering your CS username and password (the “profile” should be “”).