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CS Department Google Apps

Description of CS Google Apps Email Option

There is a 30GB quota for mail. Google Apps is FERPA compliant. All support is through Google.

Currently, the department does not have a backup solution for Gmail that will complement what is provided by Google.

Consolidating Personal Gmail with CS Google Apps

Google allows “multiple sign-on”. You can be signed into multiple accounts simultaneously in the same browser or app, but it will not combine inboxes or searches

Google has “email delegation”, which enables you to allow read and write access to another account, but you can only grant access to Google accounts in the same “organization”, i.e. it doesn’t work from a normal account to our CS accounts.

Migrating Existing Mail to Google Apps

You can find information here: Migrate mail, contacts, and calendars by Google

CS IT Staff will provide assistance with migration as time allows.

Requesting a CS Google Apps Account

As of July 2019 we are no longer offering new CS Google Apps Accounts due to Campus Policy.

Setting Up Your Mail Client

If you want to set up a mail client please see these instructions: