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How to use SSH on Mac

General SSH

  1. Open finder and go to the Applications folder

  2. From the Application folder go to the Utlities Folder

  3. Open Terminal
    Mac OS X Utilities Folder

  4. Once Terminal has opened type ssh -X or replace junkfood with the machine you would like to connect to then hit enter.

  5. It may prompt you to confirm the authenticity of the host. Usually you can just say yes. If you get a warning about a key change, you may want to try another computer or contact staff to confirm the correct key.
    SSH Key Prompt

Installing X11 (optional)

When using graphical programs such as MATLAB, Thunderbird and firefox, you must install and use X11 in order to get a seperate GUI.

  1. Dowload XQuartz X11 Server for Mac OS X
  2. Follow the installation steps that come with the program
  3. Then try the steps above