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Gitlab Information

The department’s Gitlab server is now available to faculty and graduate students associated with the department. It provides source control, CI/CD, and other benefits to the department.

Accessing Gitlab

The Gitlab server can be accessed by going to and using the “Sign in with UMD CAS” login option.

If you have not logged into Gitlab before, this will automatically create an account for you on the Gitlab server. New users have a default project limit of 0 and are unable to create groups; this is to prevent non-CS faculty or graduate students from using the server without department approval.

If you are a CS faculty or graduate student accessing the server for the first time, please contact to set your project and group limits

If non-UMD users need access to your project, we will create an account for them using their e-mail address.

Projects in Gitlab can be accessed over the web or via SSH. Web access uses HTTPS only.

Default Limits

  • CSD Faculty members can create groups and up to 100 projects
  • CSD Graduate students can create groups and up to 50 projects
  • Undergradate students can not create groups or projects, unless a faculty member requests that for them

The above limits are guidelines and can be increased if necesary. Contact the helpdesk if needed.

Using Gitlab for Classes

Faculty members can create projects or groups and then assign their students to those projects. This can be done through the Gitlab website, using the Gitlab REST API, or by using the ‘gitlab’ or ‘manage_gitlab’ scripts on Junkfood. In particular the ‘manage_gitlab’ script can be used to create groups, create projects in those groups, and assign users to those projects.

If a faculty member wishes for their TA’s or someone else to manage the projects or groups for the class, they need to create the groups/projects first, then assign the appropriate role to the TA.

Please note that all students will need to login to Gitlab first before they can be assigned to projects or groups.

Setting up SSH for Gitlab

It is recommended that you use an SSH key if you plan to use SSH with Gitlab. To import your SSH into gitlab, click on the “hamburger” icon in the upper-right when logged in. Select “Profile Settings.” Click “SSH Keys” from the horizonal menu at the top-center of the screen. After this is done the SSH URI for a project will be displayed on the project page.

You can view the official Gitlab guide for doing the above here

You can view the official Gitlab guide for setting up SSH keys for CI/CD here

CI/CD and other Gitlab services

By default Gitlab is offered for source control, but it can also provide continuous integration and deployment infrastructure. This and other associated infrastructure (such as secrets management) is being provided on a case-by-case basis; if you are interested in using Gitlab for such, please contact the helpdesk for planning and support.