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Windows Accounts

Setting your Windows Domain password for the first time

If you are currently able to log into any department supported Windows system, your domain password has already been set.

If you have never set your Windows Domain password before you will need to visit 4120 A.V. Williams with a photo ID and we will help you set your password.

Changing your Windows Domain password

From a Windows system

To change your existing Windows Domain password from a supported Windows system:

  1. Once you are logged in, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

  2. Click Change Password, enter your old password and your new password.

From a UNIX system

From a UNIX system you should log in to a Windows system remotely and then follow the instructions above. The server is available for this purpose.

To remotely log in to rdesktop use one of these commands. Replace winuser with the name of your Windows account.

rdesktop -u winuser

xfreerdp -u winuser

If your Windows username is the same as your Linux username you can leave out the -u winuser part.